5 Benefits of American-Made Cabinets

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With the trade war tariffs continuing to make headlines, many may be wondering, what do these tariffs mean for my home renovation? Tariffs on many elements of home remodeling projects have increased from 10 to 25%, meaning consumers who have renovation plans may be seeing an increase in prices for their projects.

In addition, the Commerce Department could also be imposing countervailing duties of up to 230% on Chinese-imported cabinets, which are often used as a “budget” option in remodels. This increase is an effort to both reduce the business U.S. producers lose and help maintain 250,000 American jobs currently at risk from the subsidized cabinet imports.

As access and prices of Chinese-made cabinets remain unclear, it is important to consider the benefits of using U.S.-made cabinets for your home remodel.

Benefits of USA-Made Cabinets

At Marvista Design + Build, we use U.S.-made cabinets for all of our home remodeling projects, so we know first-hand the benefits these cabinets have. In addition to less volatile pricing than may be seen with foreign-made cabinets, domestic-made cabinets give the following advantages:

  • Longevity. U.S. cabinet manufacturers take great pride in their work, using the finest wood, finishes, and hardware. Even better, whereas international cabinets may have limited warranties, U.S.-made cabinets often come with longer warranties. Marvista Design + Build’s U.S. cabinet manufacturers are also certified through the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). This means the cabinets we use go through rigorous quality testing to ensure they are durable products that will last.
  • Greater transparency. When you partner with a design-build firm that uses U.S.-made cabinets, you’ll get more insight into the cabinet manufacturer’s process, priorities, and values than is possible with a foreign manufacturer.
  • Customization. To get the most from your remodeling project, you don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach to your cabinetry. Imported cabinetry typically comes in standard designs, with little room for customization. When working with U.S.-based cabinet manufacturers, customization is easier and more accessible.
  • Sustainability. Environmental regulations can vary greatly between countries, and foreign cabinet manufacturers often do not have to adhere to the air and safety standards that U.S. manufacturers do. Marvista Design + Build works with cabinet manufacturers who prioritize green initiatives and production processes to help reduce waste and increase energy efficiency. The cabinets from our manufacturers have the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program seal, which requires adherence to strict sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Support of U.S. workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing accounts for 12.75 million U.S. jobs. When you choose a remodeling company that uses U.S. manufacturers for its products, you’re helping sustain American jobs and contributing to the growth of the economy.

Cabinets for Your Next Home Remodel

When you’re planning your next bathroom or kitchen remodel, consider Marvista Design + Build. We offer custom cabinetry and design-build services for home remodels throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. With a commitment to U.S.-made cabinetry and quality from start to finish, we’ll help make your remodeling vision a reality!

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