The Effect of COVID-19 on Home Design

What will home design look like through the remainder of this decade? The Wall Street Journal recently asked hundreds of interior designers to peer into their crystal balls to identify the trends that will dominate home design from now until 2030. Here are some highlights:

  • Homes will tip their hat to mother nature. Natural light, open windows, small balconies and terraces and skylights will pay homage to nature and provide more opportunities for homeowners to experience the benefits of natural light, fresh air and green spaces.
  • The popularity of open floor plans will wane. This trend started before COVID-19, and homeowners are beginning to want defined spaces that separate work from home. That does not necessarily mean more walls or enclosed spaces. What it does mean is that there will be distinct spaces separated by interior windows and strategic sightlines.
  • Millennials will move to the suburbs, which, in turn, will result in home design and amenities will become more urban.
  • There will be an expanded emphasis on health and wellbeing. Instead of having a fitness room, homes will feature yoga studios, meditation rooms, steam rooms and infrared saunas, among other amenities and systems that allow family members time to reflect and recharge their batteries.
  • Furniture goes on a diet. Sofas and other furniture will become thinner and more compact.
  • Handwashing increases permanently. The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 is responsible for the creation of the powder room and the popularity of easy-to-clean white subway tile. Look for COVID-19 to result in vestibules and mudrooms that include sinks and package and shoe storage spaces.
  • Multigeneration households make a comeback. The high cost of housing and independent living will result in more multigenerational households with separate spaces or even in-home apartments for parents and adult children.
  • Design softens. Hard edges in design will give way to curved countertops, walls and woodwork to provide the look and feel of harmony and warmth.
  • Increased investment in quality pieces rather than inexpensive pieces whose price tag is directly related to quality or indistinguishable design.
  • Work from home will be the norm, and defined spaces will be designed to respond to this trend. Also, there will be multiple venues within a home and outside that enable family members to work from home, participate in video conferences and charge devices.

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