Secrets to Great Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms serve multiple utilitarian and personal purposes. Increasingly, homeowners in Pittsburgh are designing their baths to serve as an in-home quality spa where they can recharge their mind, body, and spirit and wash away the stresses of the day. A key to creating a personal refuge is to take advantage of creative storage solutions and strategies that make your bath not only beautiful but wonderfully organized.

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How to Have Great Bathroom Storage in Your Pittsburgh Home Bathroom

First, pick your products judiciously. A well-designed bath is an organized bath. Countertops littered with makeup, toothpaste, grooming materials, hairdryers, and curling irons make the bathroom looked unorganized, cluttered, and frenetic. One of the first things we suggest to our clients in Pittsburgh is to inventory the products that they use most often in the bath. This exercise helps us design a space that can accommodate their needs without compromising the look, feel, and functionality of the space. Closed storage is almost always the preferred option, but in space-challenged baths, we also use open shelving systems that enable our clients to display their favorite or most frequently used items.

Vanity manufacturers understand the need for creative storage solutions, and they are not disappointing showrooms or their clients. There is an abundance of organization tools that enable you to compartmentalize storage within drawers and cabinet space. We often recommend our clients designate specific storage areas for toiletries and grooming tools. Larger baskets serve as an excellent place for hairdryers and curling irons, while smaller trays are perfect for makeup and beauty products.

Building niches into walls in the shower and tub area creates additional opportunities for innovative storage solutions. Niches provide functional storage space, and they represent another opportunity to display items with high visual appeal and/or those products that are used most.

We like to have our clients in Pittsburgh think outside of the box. Why settle for plain old towel bars when a towel warmer lets you wrap yourself in a warm, toasty towel to provide a “wow” moment after each shower or bath?

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